The impact of social media & veganism- Interview with Robyn SweetSugarCrumble

Social media has become the most powerful, prominent tool. It helps us decide what we should be wearing, the best places to visit, where we should be eating and most importantly what we should be eating.
Social media is such a great way to access people all over the world at just a click of a button and if you are an influential figure, what you say is crucial to spreading a positive message. 

Robyn, or otherwise known as Robyn SweetSugarCrumble by her followers runs a blog and Youtube channel inspiring people about her Vegan journey, sharing recipe ideas and teaching people just how easy adopting this lifestyle can be.

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Click the image to visit Robyn’s inspiring Instagram page full of great Vegan recipes!

VeggieLife spoke to Robyn to discuss her Vegan journey

When did you become a Vegan? I went Vegan on 14th June 2013.

What made you decide to become a Vegan? I watched Gary Yourofskys best speech on YouTube and went vegan overnight. 

If you could name just one main benefit you have noticed since becoming a Vegan, what would it be? The amazing people I’ve met and friends I’ve made.

What first sparked your interest in health and wellness? My mum sparked my interest because when I was 14 (2010) she had arthritis and stomach pain for years and I found out she was gluten intolerant and she miraculously recovered when she stopped eating it! This showed me how food has such a huge impact on our health. 

Who inspires you the most? Currently it’s Niomi Smart on Youtube.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 19.03.02.png

What is your favourite Vegan meal and why? Fajitas and pancakes because they’re the best sharing foods to inspire non vegans.

Did you find it challenging to become a Vegan? No because I was looking for it since I was 14 and when I found it I knew it was for me.

For people interested in becoming a Vegan, would you recommend doing it gradually and becoming a vegetarian first? Yeah, I’d definitely recommend transitioning because then people can gradually learn more and incorporate new habits to last long term. 

Do you have a main focus/aim with your Youtube, if so, what is it? Yeah, my main focus and aim is to show how healthy, easy and affordable eating vegan can be. 

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to become a Vegan? Write out on paper or make it clear in your mind your reasons for going vegan so that you stick to it and have those deep rooted morals to keep you on track. 

Watch Robyn for weekly inspirational videos and discover how the Vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to be restrictive and something which anybody can!

As well as Robyn, there are many vegans on social media showing us their journey and inspiring others to adopt this lifestyle.

Bonny Rebecca from Australia posts regular videos showing us just how easy and delicious eating plant based can be

Also, click here to follow these great steps of how to become a Vegan. 


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