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Veggie Life conducted a survey with 61 people to find out about their diet, lifestyle and what they think about the meat industry.

Interestingly enough, even the non Vegan/Vegetarian eaters showed some interest in this lifestyle.

Firstly, we wanted to find out exactly how many people out of the 61 eat meat.


53 people answered yes, with 8 people answering no.

We then wanted to find out how many people are aware and conscious about what they eat.


41 out of the 61 people say they are conscious about what they eat. This suggests that there needs to be more education readily available from a young age about the reasons why meat is so bad for your health.

For those people who are conscious about what they eat, we also wanted to know what they think about when selecting their food.

10 people answered that they were mostly bothered about the calorie intake of the foods they select. Click here to discover why you no longer need to track calories on a plant-based diet.

Some other answers we received were:

  • “Whether the food is vegetarian or not, the amount of sugar put into food and the price if organic or not.”
  • “How healthy it is and what I can eat it with.”
  • “The nutrients in my food, where it has come from and how much it costs.”
  • “The health and impact upon the environment.”

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 16.16.00.png

Click the image to discover 8 reasons why meat is bad for you

Next, we wanted to find out how many people have considered a Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle and the reasons why they have considered it, or better yet, why they already do eat this way.


26 people answered yes to considering this lifestyle. Some of the reasons answered were:

  • “To become healthier and eat clean.”
  • “After watching documentaries about the negatives of the meat industry.”
  • “I don’t want animals to die unnecessarily.”
  • “The effects it has on animals being slaughtered and also the environmental effect.”

Most importantly, we wanted to find out how many people know about slaughter houses and animal welfare issues.


Not enough people know about the meat industry and the effects it has on both the animals and our environment.

For the people who do know about the meat industry, we wanted to find out exactly what is is they know.

  • “It’s disgusting how animals are used for money gain, we do not need to eat as much meat as we eat. Especially when it creates such a negative impact on the world and lives of the animals”
  • I think some areas of the meat industry are awful, which is why I’m conscious to buy local, free range meat. I don’t agree with battery farming and I like to be aware of how to animals were raised.
  • “Really awful and unnecessary”
  • “Inhuman and cruel”

Some people are under the illusion that by eating organic and free range meat it is no longer cruel however are these just myths? Peta discusses it here.

Veggie Life believe that education of the meat industry should be compulsory at a young age. Have your say:

 Make a change today

Veggie Life have created a petition which has recieved over 318 signatures!


We have also received some great feedback and comments about peoples thoughts on whether more Vegetarian/Vegan options should be introduced into supermarkets:

  • “Many people are interested in vegetarian and vegan options as an alternative to meat and particularly as halal meat is now being leaked into the anti cruelty conscientious food chain. Please provide more options.” Jayne Riley, Lincoln UK
  • “I am vegetarian and want more choice.” Jo Pearson, Orpington UK
  • “Veganism is the compassionate future.” Kira Lok, San Juan, Philippines
  • “I work in a grocery store and I can’t tell you how few choices we have, it can take up to 5 weeks for the warehouse to send food so we can restock the shelves. It’s frustrating! Why are healthy food choices still over priced?!.” Shelli Schmidt, Aberdeen UK

Click on the petition and sign to make a change today about healthier and cruelty-free food options being available for us to buy in our local supermarkets.


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